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Click on the memorials below to see the tributes made in loving memory of the pets who are no longer with us and are greatly missed by our clients...

Molly the Dog

Molly - Loved by Zack C Kirkpatrick

Dog - aged 10

Passed 12/02/2018

Ole Gunnar the Dog

Ole Gunnar - Loved by Rachael Ann Hudson

Dog - aged 11

Passed 13/02/2018

Freddie the Dog

Freddie - Loved by Josie Chambers

Dog - aged 10

Passed 30/01/2018

Tallulah the Dog

Tallulah - Loved by Karen E Glover

Dog - aged 15

Passed 31/01/2018

ZED the Dog

ZED - Loved by Alice Marie Goodall

Dog - aged 10

Passed 31/01/2018

Millie the Dog

Millie - Loved by Annette Armstrong

Dog - aged 9

Passed 24/01/2018

Trixie the Dog

Trixie - Loved by Michelle Wendy Booth

Dog - aged 13

Passed 05/02/2018

Jake the Dog

Jake - Loved by Helena Lavery

Dog - aged 11

Passed 05/02/2018

smudge evans the Cat

smudge evans - Loved by paul evans

Cat - aged 17

Passed 07/02/2018

millie the Dog

millie - Loved by cath j clarke

Dog - aged 20

Passed 31/01/2018

Chico the Dog

Chico - Loved by Selena Gemmell

Dog - aged 14

Passed 02/02/2018

Jake the Dog

Jake - Loved by Mary Leys

Dog - aged 18

Passed 26/08/2017

  • We would like to thank you for the lovely casket and inscription on the sad loss of Clyde. The service we received was very professional and comforting.

  • Thank you for making a heartbreaking and difficult situation a little bit more bearable. Jenny our beloved dog is now at peace.

  • I thank you for the excellent service. I was touched by the lovely wooden casket that Freckles ashes were placed in. I plan to have my other cat cremated with yourselves when the sad day arrives.

  • Thank you for your services after the heartbreaking loss of our much-loved border collie, Paddy. It is so distressing to lose a treasured pet, but thank you for looking after him.

  • When our dog Max was put to sleep, we decided on cremation and I’m so glad we did. Thank you to all and we will definitely be recommending you.