Human Burial

Human Burials

Burial in our Memorial Gardens is a lasting way to be close to your companion.

Overlooking the picturesque Rossendale Valley in the Lancashire Pennines our Memorial Gardens offer a serene location where you can be laid to rest close to your beloved pet.

Choosing to be buried close to your companion is a very personal decision and we will help you to select the right option for you. We will answer any questions you may have, offer you friendly advice, kindness and understanding and provide you with complete peace of mind.


In Memory of Celia and Julius by Barry Briscoe

After the heart breaking loss of our beloved first pet, Celia and I had Julius buried at Rossendale Pet Crematorium and Memorial Gardens in 1982.  Over the years we have had another 20 pets buried alongside Julius and we have always felt so comforted by the staff at Rossendale who have always been supportive and caring in their approach towards laying our pets to rest. Celia was a great lover of the countryside and wildlife and thought that this beautiful, peaceful countryside location was an ideal resting place for her and our companions.  It was Celia’s last wish that when the time came she was to be buried alongside her faithful companions.  So, when she passed away on 24th May 2014 she was laid to rest in a beautiful plot next to her many friends.  The team at Rossendale were great, offering me compassion and understanding during this very difficult time whilst making sure that Celia’s wishes were fulfilled.

Planning your burial at Rossendale Pet Crematorium and Memorial Gardens

We are here to take you through the process and help you to reserve a burial plot within our Memorial Gardens.  Your appointed funeral director will arrange your funeral service and we will work with them to ensure that your final wishes are met.

When planning your own funeral we recommend that you discuss your wishes with your next of kin and solicitor.

Contact Rossendale Pet Crematorium and Memorial Gardens to discuss your wishes.




Celia Briscoe HeadstoneCelia Briscoe's Burial Plot.Human Burial Plots at RossendaleThe Burial Plots of Barry and Celia Briscoe's beloved companions.